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Key Benefits

bulletFast accurate design and implementation
bulletExcellent documentation and change control
bulletThorough start-up, commissioning, testing, certification, and training

Engineering Capabilities

Telemetry and SCADA
SCADA system design, programming, retrofitting.    
Telemetry    Wired, dial-up, lease-line, CATV, licensed and unlicensed radio, microwave, satellite, fiber-optic.
Human-Machine Interface Software: Wonderware, Intellution, FIX, DMACS, IFix, USData Factory Link, Opto-22, Genesis, National Instruments, Compliccity
PLC Programming, design, installation: Allen Bradley, Modicon, Control Microsystems, Siemens, Koyo, GE FANUC, Westinghouse, Omron, Toshiba, Texas Instruments, ICL    
Instrumentation and Controls: Pressure, level, flow, temperature, chemical feed, motor control, motion control.
Utilities: We service Water treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater treatment, Wastewater collection, Storm collection, Flow equalization, Lagoon and tide control, Stream and creek monitoring, Natural gas distribution, Electrical power generation and distribution, Co-generation, transportation, and other utilities.
Typical applications: Wastewater treatment plants, Water filtration and/or filter plants, Pump Stations, Reservoirs, Turnouts, Pressure Reducing Stations, Fluoride and Chemical feed stations, Ozonation.
Manufacturing, Plant, and High-tech
Manufacturing applications include process control, plant monitoring and safety, toxic gas monitoring, industrial waste treatment, baghouse and pollution control, packaging, inventory, and access systems.
We support all major PLC, HMI, annunciation, instrumentation, and control manufacturers.
Excellent problem-solving and solution skills maximize up-time, minimize losses and down time.
For all your communications needs, both large and small, low-budget, and state-of-the-art, The EDCCO Group has experience with several communications medium and applications. We have a proven track record of providing mixed-media solutions when a single source will not meet the needs of a give application.
Telephone and wire line: Hardwire, DC line, dial-up, lease-line, Analog, FSK tone, digital multiplex, ADN (Advanced Digital Network), ISDN, DSL, T1, HiCap.
Wireless: VHF, UHF, Trunking, Spread Spectrum, MAS, packet-switching, polled, peer-to-peer, Microwave, satellite.
Optical: Fiber-optic, Infra-Red.
Utility Sub-carrier: CATV carrier, .Power Line carrier

Some of Our Clients

Advanced Workgroup Solutions
Agilent Technologies
Bay Area Rapid Transit

Big Band Networks
Brown and Caldwell

Carollo Engineers
Cascade Controls

City of Belmont
City of Burlingame
City of Foster City

City of Millbrae
City of Palo Alto
City of Redwood City

City of San Bruno
City of San Jose
City of Sunnyvale

City and County of Sacramento
City and County of San Francisco
Claire Brothers Touring Sound
County of San Luis Obispo

County of San Mateo
Disney Productions
Duke Energy
East Bay MUD

Fox Network
General Motors

Hewlett Packard

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Kaiser Cement
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
Loral Martin Murietta
Merrill Lynch Investments

Meyer Sound
Mills-Peninsula Hospitals
Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter
National Semiconductor
Onizuka Air Force Base
Pacific Gas and Electric

Sandia Labs
Sacramento Municpal Utility District
San Francisco Airport
San Francisco Water Dept.
Sandia Labs
Silicon Graphics

Sky TV
Stanford University
Sun Microsystems

Sutter Health
Texas Instruments
The Ferrari Group
Town of Hillsborough
US Filter

U.S. Geological Survey
Ziff Davis

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